Getting To The Finish Line

I’m an ideator. A creative by nature. I love coming up with new concepts, new ideas, new ventures, etc. I get really excited about the idea of taking on a new project, thinking about all of the different pathways I could go down, and daydreaming about the final outcome. There’s just one problem… I’m rarely complete the task.

For reasons unknown, I am an extremely strong starter, and a really poor finisher. In fact, I will be ecstatic if I actually finish this blog post!

The reason that I am saying this is because I am embarking on what should be a 14 day detox, and I am hoping that by writing a blog about my newest venture, it will hold me accountable in some way, shape or form.

So why this detox? Well, a few reasons. For starters, I just don’t feel nearly as healthy as I have been in the past, and I am hoping that by flushing out my system, I will start feeling a little better. The second reason is that I have put on a few pounds this year and I am hoping it will help jump-start my weight-loss.

So, this is day one. I’m off to an okay start, but not as solid as I would have hoped. I missed breakfast. I was meeting some girls at Starbucks this morning, and by the time I was ready to head out the door, I didn’t have time to make anything, and there were not a whole lot of food options in the house. Note to self: buy groceries!

So, my breakfast this morning consisted of a non-fat, Flat White, which, if you haven’t had a Flat White, I highly recommend it! Ok, it’s not necessarily the breakfast of champions, but it held me over until I got home, where I made an egg and cheese burrito. High in protein. Maybe a little high in fat, but it left me feeling full and much more energized than I had been.

After eating my burrito, I had my first “dose”of my detox. I decided to go with Bootea’s 14 day Teatox. It’s a company based out of the UK and you can learn all about various teatox products here. I decided on a Bootea’s Teatox for 3 reasons. 1) Whatever kind of cleanse I did, I wanted it to be as natural as possible. With all of the gazillions of weight-loss products out there, this just seemed like the best way for me to achieve the results I was looking for. 2) Boo Tea has some of the top-rated teatox products out there. And 3) I like tea. Yea. It really did come down to that.

My products came in the mail late last week, so I made up my mind that Monday I would kick off my very first Teatox! There are 2 components to this particular teatox. There is a 14 day supply of loose leaf tea (which does come in teabags) and a 7 day supply of the Bedtime cleanse (which should be taken every other night).

I had my first cup of the regular tea right after I ate my breakfast. It was good. Honestly, nothing too special as far as tea goes. It tastes good, which was one of my big concerns. But it literally tastes like a normal green tea. I’m going to head to the gym this afternoon to get in a workout, and I will be taking my evening cup of tea sometime before I go to bed, and that will be the end of Day 1!

I’ve also decided to post photos of my progress. We’ll see how I look after 14 days!

Author: rockstarberst

I'm an adventure-seeker, kingdom pursuer, and a lover of life, wisdom & knowledge. I write about life experiences through the eyes of a Christian who is just trying to navigate through all the joy, struggle, excitement, pain, inspiration and frustration that comes my way!

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